Mastering: Free Demo and budget

1: Send your mix

Send us your mixed track, destination media (CD, Youtube, Spotify) and your reference tracks (if you have them).

2: Analysis

We analyze and process the tracks. If necessary, we would suggest changes to the mixes to improve the result at no additional cost.

3: Mastering

Download your professional quality mastered mix optimized for different media.

After mixing, mastering is the last step to finish your song or EP. It is the link between the artist and the consumer and we have a lot of experience in that area.

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with mastering outside your studio. At dBel, we review and improve your work. If necessary, we would suggest changes to the mix at no additional cost to optimize the final result.

Our long experience, our mastering equipment, or any other details aren’t important as we want to work together to take your song to the next level. That is what matters, because we want you to be satisfied with the result and, in that way, we can collaborate again.

What do we offer?

  • Custom mastering.
  • Mastered track file.16/24 bits WAV and 320Kbps MP3 format.
  • Not everyone has experience with mastering and the changes that affect the original mix. Don’t worry. We allow you to send us a new modified mix file.

Do not hesistate to request a free demo and be amazed by the results.


Mastering Services

Stereo Mastering

Mastering for your stereo tracks

Stems Mastering

Check the stems mastering to improve the results.

Mastering for Producers / Composers

Take your music to the next level.

Podcast Mastering

Improve the sound of your podcast and take it to professional levels.

no additional costs

Tweak your mix after listening to the mastering at no additional charge.

Mastering for studios

Improve the results of your studio with a professional mastering. Check your special conditions.

mastering for music libraries (sync licensing)

Mastering of mixes and stems prepared for the TV, advertising, cinema, trailer and game industry.

live mastering

Send us your live recorded concerts and we will process them so that they have quality to edit them.

Hear the change from the original mix to the mastered track.

You can take a listen to some of our works to appreciate the change. The result will depend on your objective.
Pop/Fusion: Solange Freire (Argentina)
De repente (Unmastered/Mastered)
Pop/Fusion: Solange Freire (Argentina)De repente (Unmastered/Mastered)
Punk/Rock: Lo que Surja (Spain)
Rompe el silencio (Unmastered/Mastered)
Punk/Rock: Lo que Surja (Spain)Rompe el silencio (Unmastered/Mastered)
Orchestral: Gopen Music (USA)
Frozen in the Moment (Unmastered - Mastered)
Orchestral: Gopen Music (USA)Frozen in the Moment (Unmastered - Mastered)
Orchestral: Synaptic Schism (Portugal)
Unestable (Unmastered/Mastered)
Orchestral: Synaptic Schism (Portugal)Unestable (Unmastered/Mastered)
Orchestral: Sebastián Errázuriz (Chile)
Cortina TV (Unmastered/Mastered)
Orchestral: Sebastián Errázuriz (Chile)Cortina TV (Unmastered/Mastered)


Mix volume

It is recommended that your mix is close to -20 dB RMS (K20), and peaks do not exceed -5dBFS.


Minimum 24 bits/44,1KHz. 48KHz for video. Uncompressed WAV/AIFF

Reference Track

If you have a song that you want to approach, upload it!. If it is MP3, minimum 192Kbps. Recommended Wav or 320 Kbs MP3.

Request Free Demo and budget

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