15 julio, 2018


dBel is a music and interactive audio production studio based in Villena (Alicante-Spain). We provide complete audio services for music and audio, including original music, sound design, music recording, mixing and mastering, offering an integral professional service.

dBel‘s CEO founder is Javi Belze, he is a Music Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Digital Trainer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer with more than 15 years of experience profession specializing in music in a wide variety of musical styles including orchestral, rock, pop and electronic. Besides composer he is also a mixing multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, guitar, bass, keyboards and more.

Music Experince

Band Production – Noun, La Rue, Banda Jachís.

Mixing and Mastering – Tens of LPs/EPs

Live Sound FOH – Sajra Tambaj, BJ, La Rue, Posse, Maniática, Inèrcia, international music festivals.

Composing – Advertising games, Games, Corporative Music, Orchestral, Custom music.

Live musician (E.Guitar, E.Bass) – Noun, Nähi, Banda Jachís.