Do you need a composer, musician, or producer for video games? You have come to the right place.

Suitable music for your game will accompany and accentuate the feelings you want to convey. Music will make your game make a difference.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


With more than fifteen years of composing music, we have experience and specialized personnel in a wide range of musical genres: Orchestral, Alternative Rock, EDM, Industrial, Indie, Jazz, Folk, Urban Music, Corporate Music, and many more. We will advise you to find an emotional response from your audience with the appropriate music genres.

Game Music

Why work with dBel?


Define the style you need and we will do the rest.


In addition to music, we offer other services such as Sound Design, Narrators, Voice Actors, Singers, or Session Musicians.


Enjoy the great investment made in the latest Software, Plugins, and Virtual Instruments.


We collaborate with different singers and musicians and we have a professional recording studio, which allows us to offer a very competitive price.


We can make your music adapt to the actions of the player creating a unique experience. We prepare it in a Middleware such as FMOD or Wwise so that programmers can easily integrate it in Unity or Unreal with agreed parameters.


We collaborate with different dubbing actors in different languages, which allows us to cover your needs in this regard at a very competitive price.


We develop the sound Universe of your Game to take it to another level.


Our experience makes us define a budget suitable to your needs. No surprises.

1: Brief Definition

Send us all the your game needs. Style, moods, references and length.

2: Composing

We will translate your music needs within the agreed deadlines.

3: Mixing and Mastering

Your music will be process in a professional studio, adapted to your project format.

Our music appears in:

Music examples for games:

Request a music budget for your game

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