dBel is a music and interactive audio production studio based in Villena (Alicante-Spain). We provide complete audio services for music and audio, including original music, sound design, music recording, mixing and mastering, offering a integral professional service.

dBel‘s CEO founder is Javi Belze, he is a Music Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Digital Trainer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer with more than 15 years of experience profession specializing in music in a wide variety of musical styles including orchestral, rock, pop and electronic. Besides composer he is also a mixing multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, guitar, bass, keyboards and more.

Music Experince

Band Production – Noun, La Rue, Banda Jachís.

Mixing and Mastering – Tens of LPs/EPs

Live Sound FOH – Sajra Tambaj, BJ, La Rue, Posse, Maniática, Inèrcia and international music festivals.

Composing – Adversing games, Games, Corporative Music, Orchestral, Custom music.

Live musician (E.Guitar, E.Bass) – Noun, Nähi, Banda Jachís.