Cinematic music and Orchestral Mixing and Mastering

In the world of orchestral music, every note tells a tale, and each instrument adds to the composition’s majesty. At dBel, we understand the significance of capturing the soul of each orchestral masterpiece, which is why we provide mixing and mastering services suited to composers like you.

Commitment to Musical Excellence

In the field of orchestral composition, your primary concentration should be on creating musical masterpieces. We understand this, which is why we provide a haven for composers, allowing you to focus on what is important: composing. Our highly skilled audio engineers are passionate classical music fans who use cutting-edge technologies and a painstaking approach to bring out the richness and depth of each instrument. With us, you may delegate the technical details, ensuring that each musical composition delivers a compelling story.

Customized Services for Your Artistic Vision

We recognize that each composer has a vision and tale to communicate through music. We collaborate closely with you to understand your artistic and technical objectives. Whether you want to enhance a symphony’s epic or a chamber piece’s sensitivity, our mixing and mastering services are tailored to your individual requirements.

Why collaborate with us?

  • Orchestral Music Expertise: We specialize in mixing and mastering orchestral music, so we understand the complexities and specific nuances of this genre.
  • Professional Studio Quality: We use cutting-edge technology in our studio to ensure the best possible results.
  • Personalized Collaboration: We work closely with you to guarantee that every detail of your artistic vision is reflected in the final product.
  • Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and will deliver your work on time.
I was fully transported to the film while listening as all the layers gelled so seamlessly, that is how you know you’ve perfected the mix. It’s been a privilege being able to work with you, you’re always able to capture the sound I have in mind when writing, which is a composer’s dream!
🇬🇧 Antonella Madrid
Thanks to Javi Belze for your incredible engineering. I couldn't have done this without you!!
🇺🇸 Theresa Rubino-Hurm
I often hire Javier for the mix and mastering of the film music I do, and I have been fortunate to work beside him on sound design projects, and I cannot recommend him enough! He is a passionate professional with a ton of experience that is going to deliver the best results consistently!
🇪🇸 Héctor Muñoz
@javibelze mixing and mastering genius.
🇫🇷 Eduard Aparicio
Javi Belze once again, has left his mark with his sonic wizardry, delivering an outstanding mix and master that propels this orchestra's performance to new heights.
🇲🇰 Blazen Nastevski
Dbel has always been super professional. What they do they want to do it well. Always receptive, open and communicative in the creative process.
🇪🇸 Daniel Soriano
Composer, Singer, Guitar and Bass Player
Excellent musician, composer, and technician... and a better person, very easy to deal with and with very creative ideas adapted to the needs of each project.
🇺🇸 Mike Krishton
Composer, Singer
You have to see how much a trailer improves when you put the sound part in the hands of a good professional. Today @javibelze made my day... And my week
🇪🇸 David Ferriz
Videogame Producer
I can only say that what dBel does... It's wonderful! The way he interacts is great; he is very involved in everything he does, which is why he achieves such incredible results!
🇪🇸 Adriana Bonastre
Video Producer
This professional was a game-changer for us - our sound improved remarkably after working with them. Highly recommended!
🇪🇸 Maniática
Excellent musician, composer, and technician... and a better person, very easy to deal with and with very creative ideas adapted to the needs of each project.
🇪🇸 Enrique D. Calatayud
Videogame Producer
Our sound technician and we couldn't be happier!! Great professional and a better person!!
🇪🇸 Inèrcia

Transform Your Orchestral Compositions

Do not compromise the quality of your song. We strive to take your orchestral works to new heights. Find out how our mixing and mastering services may enhance your music and fascinate your target audience

Mixing and Mastering works

Ray Sharp 🇺🇸
- Friday Mourning
Ray Sharp 🇺🇸 - Friday Mourning
Baze Nastevski 🇲🇰
Baze Nastevski 🇲🇰 Maneuvre
Héctor Muñoz 🇪🇸
Héctor Muñoz 🇪🇸 Fracture
Edouard Aparicio 🇫🇷
Treasure in the Sand
Edouard Aparicio 🇫🇷 Treasure in the Sand
Theresa Rubino 🇺🇸
The Gift
Theresa Rubino 🇺🇸 The Gift
Héctor Muñoz 🇪🇸
A Dream Come True
Héctor Muñoz 🇪🇸 A Dream Come True
Ray Sharp 🇺🇸
Other Worldly
Ray Sharp 🇺🇸 Other Worldly
Antonella Madrid 🇬🇧
Antonella Madrid 🇬🇧 Memoria
Héctor Muñoz 🇪🇸
Héctor Muñoz 🇪🇸 Shame
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